From 25 to 29 May 2024 Genoa will host the 32nd edition of the International Salesian Youth Games.

As per tradition, the Games will be for the incoming young athletes a moment of healthy sports competition and a great opportunity for cultural exchange, comparison, friendship, respect, under the banner of the values that distinguish PGSI, the organisation that at an international level brings together the large family of PGS.

Sports and categories

Women’s team Basketball – Volleyball – Five-a-side football
Female individual Table Tennis
Men’s team Basketball – Volleyball – Five-a-side football
Men’s individual Table Tennis 

Category A*:  Years 2006 – 2007 – 2008
Category B: Years 2008 – 2009 – 2010

*In Category A, athletes from Category B born in the years 2009/2010 may also participate. 

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The event

We have devised an innovative format, an experiential event in which the protagonists will be our young people and, at the same time, the city hosting the sporting competitions: not just a setting but a wonderful travelling companion to get to know, explore and love, a place to carry in one’s heart and – we hope – to which one day return. 

One of the goals of the event is to make the city a showcase for Salesian sport and its principles: not only sport but also an educational, cultural and social dimension inspired by a Christian vision. 

The experiences included in the Games programme are tailor-made for young people and alternate moments of sport with moments of educational recreation, from visits to the city to convivial evenings, with the PGS Village becoming a hub for sharing and socialising.



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In the logo of the International Salesian Youth Games, the city merges with a big blue wave touching and embracing it. It represents the young people from all over the world who will land in Genoa during the event and “flood it” with joy and enthusiasm. In the logo, young people are therefore represented by the sea, the element that most characterises the city and its history, the absolute reference point for its inhabitants, just as young people are for PGS. There is no Genoa without its sea; there would be no PGS without young people.

"We are all stars" | The official payoff

PGSI 2024

We have chosen to connote this edition of the International Salesian Youth Games with a universal, simple and recognisable message, in line with the motivational contents well known to the new generations. It is an invitation to believe in oneself, in one’s own abilities, and – for adults and educators – to recognise and value the unique characteristics of every young person we meet. 

We are all different, but we are all like stars, able to shine and bring light into the world, to illuminate our own path and that of others. If sport becomes a stimulus, an opportunity for personal growth and improvement, then everyone is born to shine on the playing field, just as in life everyone can represent an added value in their own context. In this perspective, even the idea of victory takes on a different meaning. Moreover, as ‘people of light’, each individual contributes to shining a greater light, the light of society and the world we want to create through sport, made of friendship, fair play, positive energy and enthusiasm. The same light we want to illuminate the city with. A message that involves our young people and that well identifies PGS and the associative activities it addresses to young people all over the world.


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PGSI Village @ Music for Peace

Music for Peace will host the PGSI Village. Located just a few steps away from the “Lanterna” – the lighthouse symbol of the city – MFP is a humanitarian organisation working to raise awareness among citizens and provide concrete help to support people in difficulty in Italy and abroad.
An Info Point and Press Room will be set up at MFP and PGSI staff will be available at all times of the day for any need. The PGSI Village will also be the meeting point for dinner, the venue for educational and recreational activities dedicated to young people and, after dinner, will host a DJ-set for the duration of the event.

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This edition of the Games fits into a special sporting context, that of “Genoa European Capital of Sport 2024”. The International Salesian Youth Games are included in the calendar of sporting events together with events such as the Italian Cadet and Youth Fencing Championships, the Davis Cup, a stage of the Giro d’Italia, the Final Eight of the Italian Men’s Water Polo Cup, and many other events that will attract hundreds of world-famous athletes to Genoa.

Discover Genova!

The ‘Lanterna’, the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean, the Forts, the ‘caruggi’ of the historic centre with hundreds of historic shops, the Palazzi dei Rolli UNESCO heritage site, the charm of the ancient fishing village of Boccadasse, the Aquarium with its treasure of biodiversity set in the Porto Antico, designed in 1992 by archistar Renzo Piano… and a unique skyline, described by poets and sailors… Genoa is waiting for you!

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